Philosophy Of The Company

Creating Fashion for future Museum collections –The basic idea of the brand is to strictly create and promote the finest quality hand crafted products, products that the present and the future
generations can appreciate and connect and to create the quality of such a level that these products can become part of museum collections in the future.

Fair trade –Our idea of fair trade is being fair to the maker as well as the buyer.

Environment Friendly –We use only bio-degradable fabrics and use natural dyes as often as possible.

People Friendly – We are providing work to about 850 crafts people throughout the year .This helps in improving their financial status and thus the coming generations can be better educated and have better lives .These craft-women often sit together and work in groups this keeps them happy and enable them to face challenges of their everyday life with confidence.

Revival of Crafts – We have been working very selectively with crafts, sub crafts (special skills or techniques, within a craft) which were dying an early death. We have also worked on upgradation of existing techniques and developed designs to adopt modern tastes and contemporary designs .We have not only contributed in reviving these crafts but also we have trained the craftspeople involved
in the craft with better skill levels. The most important step being holding their hands permanently.

Craft Education –Kamaldeep has been invited all over the world to present the special techniques, practiced and developed by her in field of Leheriya, Baandhani and Block printing using natural
dyes. The various international educational institutions have invited Kamal for workshops or presentations include -MIAT(Museum Over Industrie arbied en textile), Belgium, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Malaysia, University of Art and Design Halle, Burg Giebichenstein, Germany, Metropolitan museum of Arts, NY, USA.

Kamaldeep strongly believes that it is very important to develop to craft education to develop and reinvent future market for handmade products.